The Ciibo Manager App will beyour go-to tool for tracking your vans. The app maintains records and the status of eachto give you a better understanding of how your fleet is operating. Features will include:

The Ability to Track Inventory Through the Entire Life Cycle

Ciibo allows you to track all vehicles –both branded and white –from the initial order all the wayuntilyou end the lease. With a quick glance you can know which vehicles are ready to run a route, grounded, or are currently in the shop. Ciibo automatically syncs your records with Amazon’s and highlights any discrepancies such as status, missing or unknown reservations, and expired leases.

Ciibo can automatically match available vans with your drivers for the day based on custom attributes. For example, if you have a driver that does not do well in larger vans, Ciibo can ensure that driver is assigned your smallest van every day they execute a route. If a small van is not available, Ciibo will then choose the next best match according to the rules you setup.

Alerts for Preventative Maintenance on Vans

Amazon has a comprehensive preventative maintenanceprogram; andmissed maintenancecan seriously impact your scorecard. Emails from Amazon reminding you to take your vans in for maintenance can get easily lost in a busy inbox. You need a better way to keep track. Ciibo solves this for both Branded and non-Branded vehicles by tracking preventative maintenanceand urgently notifying your employees when itis about to be missed. You can choose to schedule it by mileage or on a timely basis.

Damage Tracking

Knowing who inflicted damage, the type of damage inflicted (with evidence), and when it occurred are the hardest incidences to keep track of. Some inventive ways that DSPs have approached the problem in the past are:

  • Circling damage with a grease marker so you know what new damage is(some drivers will just purchase a grease marker and circle new damage before they return to the station).
  • Recording video or taking photos of each side (this still does not detect new damage unless someone reviews the video, and the driver can easily dispute the evidence).
  • Walking the van at the end of the day/morning after and trying to remember what damage already existed –this seldom works, and it kills productivity.

Solvingthe damage problem requires three different elements that must all work together:

  1. Identifying new vs. old damage.
  2. Capturing indisputable proof of the new damage and who is responsible for causing it.
  3. Holding that driver accountable in a way that encourages behavioral changes.

Ciibo provides a quick tool that combines all three elements into a single workflow:

  1. For each van, Ciibo provides a visual diagram of each side showing previous damage as circles. Simply hold your phone up to the van and look for any damage not already recorded.
  2. When new damage is found, Ciibo already knows who is driving the van for the day, so you simply need to take a quick photo of using your phone and Ciibo attaches the photo to the damage report. You nowhave the van, the date, the driver, a description of the damage, and a photo.
  3. When damage is recorded for a driver, the driver’s score is automatically impacted, resulting in a reduced bonus for the week. Depending on how you weigh damage in the Ciibo score, a single damage event could have a significant impact on a driver’s pay. Either the driver will immediately change their behavior, or you should consider encouragingthem to find work elsewhere.

The manager app is the best possible tool for fleet management if you want to be able to access your entire fleet’s status at any time, easily manage preventative maintenance, and accurately record damages. Stay tuned for moreupdates to the manager app!