One of the many benefits of Ciibois the included mobile application (available for both iPhone and Android) for driver use. Instead of using multiple platforms, the Ciibo Driver App combines everything you need into one source, making it easy for you to manage and for your drivers to access. This app can be used to track driver schedule, display the Ciibo driver score, access pick sheets, and alert drivers about missing or incorrect punches with ease.

Driver Schedule

When using the Ciibo schedule for managing routes, drivers can quickly view the schedule for last week, this week, and the upcoming week within the mobile app. This schedule is updated in real-time to reflect scheduling changes, including stand-by’s, no-shows, and last-minute unpaid time-off requests.

Missing or Incorrect Punch Alerts

Punches recorded by the driver are automatically uploaded from your payroll provider and compared to dispatch recorded hours. Ciibo can then alert you of any discrepancies between the logged hours so that you can correct errors immediately.

Through Ciibo, select the drivers with bad punches and send an alert directly to their Driver App to let them know the date, payroll punch times, and hours recorded by dispatch. The driver will then know what needs to be corrected and can fix it.

Driver Score Access

Ciibo generates a true driver score for each of your drivers, considering metrics that matter to you and not only Amazon, such as vehicle damage, recorded hours, no-shows, and rescues. It will tell you who your good drivers are objectively, reliably,and in real time.

You can use that single score to offer bonuses to the drivers that rank on the top of the list. To entice better practices and behavior, you can allow your drivers access to view their scores so that they can work towards improving themand earning more money, thus performing better on their routes, and earning you more revenue.

Adjusting the scoring system within Ciibocan help your drivers focus on improving your specified behaviors. For example, increasing the weight on hours per route will make delivery efficiency more of an impact on the overall score. Change your weights weekly to continuously shape your drivers into top performing employees.

Pick Sheets

Each morning, your dispatchers spend time and paper printing pick sheets and either handing them to drivers or placing them into each vehicle bag. This is a time-consuming and wasteful process.

Instead of printer, paper, and time waste, Ciibo allows you to upload your pick sheets each day into the system. Then, Ciibo automatically sends out the correct pick sheets to each assigned driverin the Ciibo Driver app. The driver can view that pick sheet immediately and go about their day. This saves you time and payroll money and allowsyour drivers more time on the road completing routes. This also helps dispatch avoid mistakes in forgetting a pick sheet, causing even more of a delay.

The Ciibo Driver App is an excellent tool for keeping your drivers up to date on schedules, hours, and scores as well as an effective method for actively communicating with each driver while they are on their route. Connect with us to schedule a demo of the Ciibo software and driver app.