Ciibo DSP management software is soon releasing an all-in-one dashboard that gives you an important overview of your DSP operation in real time. This feature allows you to quickly look over analytics from fleet management to finances and hiringandidentify any issues or concerns. The dashboard includes:

  1. Operations

Review route counts, scheduled drivers for the day, and available vans and Rabbits through the dashboard. Quickly identify if you are short on drivers or vans so that you can make easier decisions about that day’s operations –saving you and your management team valuable time in a fast-paced work environment.

2. Human Resources

Easily access your hiring pipeline and view scheduled interviews, candidates in each stage of the hiring process, and alerts on candidates that are in the same step for too long. Even with your HR team managing hiring, it is important to keep your own eyes on this process because without drivers you have incomplete routes.

Additionally, the dashboard alerts you if your current hiring pipeline will not allow you to run future route commitments in place. This way, the HR team can know that they need to push harder for more hires.

3. Finances

The Ciibo Dashboard breaks down profit and loss per week in addition to providing a summary of the week before and a total for driver bonuses. With so much to keep track of already, using this feature helps you review finances in real time without having to keep track of it on your own or asking the finance manager.

Outstanding invoices are also highlighted within the dashboard. Ciibo software analyzes each invoice for errors, and flags those that are faulty for your viewing so that you can always be sure that the DSP is getting paid and receiving the correct amounts.

It isimportant to be able to access a detailed, easy to understand overview of your DSP at any time because it can help you catch problems before they become difficult to fix, make sure that you are collecting proper paymentand managing bonuses and overhead, and review the hiring pipeline. Stay tuned for more improvements within the Ciibo DSP management software!