Bring allyour route and driver scheduling process together in one place by using Ciibo DSP Management software.

Monitor Hours To Adjust Scheduling

Hours Worked

Looking at a driver’s hours report does not give you enough context for true hours worked. Ciibo tracks two data points to complete a daily report of hours worked: punches recorded by the DSP and punches recorded by the payroll provider.Knowing this more detailed information, management can then adjust schedules accordingly and keep record of drivers that can be available for rescues or replacements and those that should probably be taken off the schedule due to stolen hours or too many hours (risking overtime pay).


Overtime hours rack up and wreak havoc on your payroll costs. It isdifficult to recognize it until it has already happened,and it can hide up until 2 weeks later unless you are actively looking for it. Consistently looking for overtime is not the best use of your management’s time, so how can you catch it early to adjust your driver schedule without manually searching it out?

The answer is within Ciibo software. Monitor daily payroll data via an upload or automatically generated report through your payroll provider and easily pick out who is hitting overtime. That same report can also predict incoming overtime by looking at how many days the driver is scheduled for the rest of the pay period, historical shipments per on-zone hour, and historical hours per route. These 3 points can help you determine if a driver will end up going into overtime, and you can choose to take them off the schedule if needed.

Pick Sheets Delivered Virtually

Typically, your drivers will need to arrive at your location and wait to be handed their van bags and pick sheets from dispatch. This can take up a lot of time depending on the size of your fleet, and it wastes payroll money on getting organized every day.

Use Ciibo to deliver pick sheets each morning to your assigned drivers. The system will also let unassigned drivers know that they do not have a pick sheet, so that they can remain available to be called in as a rescue if needed. Simply input the sheets to the system and a message is delivered to the driver’s app on their phone. They can then head out to start their day much quicker than before.