Amazon’s Delivery Service Partner program allows the opportunity for smaller companies to work directly with Amazon to deliver their wide variety of products. What does it take to be a more successful DSP? We’re here to tell you what Amazon really wants from their partners.


As an Amazon DSP, you are required to be in control of every aspect of your business. You are only contracted by the company and not employed. The business is also part of the DSP network of delivery companies all over the world. 

Amazon does provide ongoing support to ensure that you are given every opportunity to be successful, including:

  • Deals on equipment purchases
  • Fuel savings
  • Insurance assistance
  • Tax help
  • Ongoing training

However, at the end of the day you are still solely responsible for the company’s daily operations. 

Scope, Culture, and Leadership Style

Amazon prides itself on being both fast and customer-centric. Your business model has to reflect that in order to succeed. Amazon’s support team will also encourage you to take on as many routes as you can while keeping up with productivity. If you want to earn more routes you must be able to service them all without forgoing safety and speed.

Even if you own an independent business outside of the program, Amazon still expects you to uphold their standards and have the bandwidth to be able to handle extensive deliveries with a wide range of types of packages.

Safety and Working Conditions

Safety and working conditions are among the top priorities for Amazon’s requirements for DSPs. You and your employees must follow certain safety standards to be sure that injuries do not occur and products are not damaged in transit. 

Amazon will not hesitate to sever a contract with any business that does not meet its safety and working condition qualifications. Cancelled contracts leave your workers filing for unemployment and your business without its main source of income.

Top of the Line Delivery – Without the Bad PR

There is a reason that Amazon decided to outsource all deliveries. They created the program to maintain control over the requirements for operations, culture, safety, and delivery while also promoting the business model that they follow with third-party sellers. DSP’s must abide by Amazon’s procedures in order to earn and maintain their business. 

Amazon monitors its partners closely to be sure that the standard for productivity is upheld and that their customers are always satisfied. When something goes wrong, or a partner underperforms, the blame is not placed on Amazon. It is placed on you, the contractor, and it directly affects your revenue.

The best way to avoid knocks on your driver’s scorecards is to develop an action plan when you are faced with bad PR. You can also stay ahead of bad situations by continuously training and reinforcing safety and operational standards.

Amazon’s guidelines are in place to ensure that they get exactly what they need from each Delivery Service Partner. DSP’s don’t just drop off products to customers. Your business must provide the same fast, reliable service that Amazon has developed while becoming the largest online retailer in the world – while remaining entirely separate from Amazon itself.